Domestic Violence ……..

Life was rosy everything was sweet Love and kisses then one day it all started No it wasn’t the first kiss It was a hit and miss He swore at her this continued for a while Then came the punches he would punch her day in and day out As if she was his sparring […]




  Muffled sounds are all that’s heard as you grab my head pulling me between your soaked vaginal crevice my tongue bathe in the richness that trickles down way……. down……. along the curl of my tongue into my mouth Your body welcomes each thrust as my tongue hardens your clit responds your body follows suit […]

High Stilettos……..

  She wore red slinky, high stilletos under her dark blue coat I could see peeking beneath her shaven bare legs she was sexy as can be. Her muscular physique and rock hard piercing abs could not be hidden due to the slit along the coat she was ready for action. She sat in the […]



Knowing love…………..

  I would rather know that you don’t love me than to have to wait, for your love. for one minute you care then the next you don’t you try to shove me around like a putt on a table Not a care where or what happens Just as long as you are or think […]

Having Hope………..

I am that beacon of light that guides you that twinkle in your eyes I am that which assist you when you are lost to get you out of your darkest despair I am that little voice in your head To turn you away from danger when you think all hope is gone I am […]



One fucked up Evening………………….. 3

Let me tell you my story Here is how it began…… I didn’t felt like driving or riding my bike home, so…… I caught the bus this time it was one crowded fuck up journey the rain was pouring and the stench that emanated from the arm pits was enough to kill a pig many […]

My Steamy Shower……..

  She came to me stole my peace only five minutes had passed since we last spoke but it all seems so real As I stood in the shower the water trickled off my skin forming lines of beads It felt just like her touch….. soft and smooth was her hands her lips, sucked on […]


happy Independence day

What my Country means to me…….

  Barbados is my Country Of which I am extremely proud of So no matter wherever I go I must always show my love.   For my country as small as it can be My dedication to my flag remains With its colours blue, yellow and black Symbol of a broken trident Showing its separation from […]

Tortured soul Ravished …….. 10

  I watch as you gyrated from across the floor the sweet sexy provocative erotic moves of your waist as you mimic the “twerk” video your ass protruding …… perfect from where I stood you licked your lips at me time after time I eventually approached you and we danced away to the sweet rhythms from Rihanna […]

Tortured soul


Moonlighting………… 1

  Moon lit coloured sky perfect ambience lovers parked out on green dew drop grass music playing low Usher’s Burn pounding heavy bass line rhythm of bodies can be heard from a distance through the cricket’s chirping and the whistling of the frogs all this amongst the boom   soft cries sometimes shrieks pleasure, pain […]